Love & Inspire Children

Rainbow Volunteer Club is a Nepal government recognized not-for-profit charitable organization registered under “Association Registration Act, 1977” and “Social Welfare Act, 1992” exempt from federal income tax.

In 2015 after working with Rainbow Volunteer Club, Gansu, China for humanitarian aid to help children victimized by the earthquake at Bode resettlement camp: an IDP camp of people displaced from Sindhupalchok district; we felt the need to establish Rainbow Volunteer Club in Nepal. 

Rainbow Volunteer Club was registered in September 2017, with the sole intention to empower and educate young Nepalese students by giving them an opportunity to involve in social welfare activities and provide a humanistic livelihood to deprived children at the time of crisis and enable them to live their lives to positively impact the society.

Rainbow Volunteer Club encourages youth in understanding their importance in making the world a better place. With their direct participation in social service, we aim in providing the opportunity to widen the horizon of their learning experience.

We envision youths serving as a volunteer in our organization gives a positive message to the society that spare time can be managed and utilized effectively to help people in need. We hope the opportunities we provide positively contribute to shaping the youth to be the best version of them and achieve what they believe in. We thrive to bring out the best characters of our volunteers and help them to understand themselves and the world around them better.


Rainbow Volunteer Club Nepal is dedicated to the all-round development of Nepalese children deprived of proper education and a positive environment. Rainbow volunteers can contribute to the success of children in slum areas, brick factories, rural communityschools and other deprived areas through different programs. We believe our volunteers have potentials to spread optimism and enthusiasm, hope, and create positive energy among children and share diverse perspectives that lead to enhancing their learning outcomes.


We believe education is the foundation of social development and children are future of our society. Rainbow Volunteer Club is established in Nepal to work out the social necessity of Nepali society by mobilizing our youth force, and especially students to bring the best result in strengthening the social sector. The participation of youth and their contribution to social welfare will have a prominent and positive impact on the society, also increasing the knowledge, skills, and potentials possessed by them in the process, which will help them to be more sharp and efficient. Our activities aim to create the best result in the future careers of the volunteers and will result in developing genuine enthusiasm and self-esteem to help and enable needy children to be independent.

Our dedicated youth volunteers support us in changing the lives of thousands of children of the Nepalese society.  We promote the needs of schools, and marginalized children from the poorest of the poor communities and envision a society with children getting education, hope, and joy. We are committed to gradually expanding our action plans in national-level with respective authorities of the government of Nepal.

Rainbow Volunteer Club creates footprints in the social welfare: a step to contribute to the society by youth, and a humanistic approach as a responsibility of a human being for the overall development of children and youths.